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Education institutions and their partners are taking advantage of Amazon Web Services to leverage a DevOps model to deliver applications quicker and innovate faster. AWS offers infrastructure resources designed to support continuous integration and delivery, infrastructure as code, microservice, and monitoring & logging.

Nova Solutions developed a deep experience working with Educators to help them implement continuous integration and continuous delivery practices or helping them automate infrastructure provisioning and management with configuration management tools on AWS.




Why DevOps

As the pace of software development is increasing rapidly, there is a need for development and operations teams in enterprises to work in collaboration and integrate their methodologies to turn out quality software releases more quickly and efficiently to ensure continuous deployment.

How we help

Achieve the full transformation promise of DevOps by leveraging our team of industry experts and their deep knowledge of automation tools and best practices. Nova Solutions will transform your software development and delivery processes, with a tactical framework implemented through DevOps principles.

DevOps Assessment and Strategy

  • Assess DevOps maturity level including DevOps culture, processes, and tools
  • Audit DevOps existing practices, infrastructure, and existing development pipeline
  • Visualize and define an agile transformation roadmap tailored to your organizational needs and the pace of your delivery and innovation
  • Identify DevOps metrics, tools and processes
  • Develop a transformation timeline and define the required skills and resources to achieve business-specific goals on budget
  • Recommend an optimal DevOps toolchain

DevOps Automation

  • CI/CD pipeline Creation and Maintenance
  • Continuous Delivery pipeline automation and optimization
  • Version control and configuration management
  • Application deployment automation
  • Infrastructure provisioning and end-to-end infrastructure management
  • Test and QA automation, code quality control automation
  • Centralized log tracking and management

DevOps toolkit we use frequently

Amazon ECS
AWS CodePipeline
AWS CodeBuild
AWS CodeCommit
AWS Lambda
Amazon EKS
AWS Fargate
Bitbucket Pipeline
Puppet Labs
Travics CI
AWS Server Migration Service

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